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All About Me

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Still don't know all my times tables.
Failed maths CE
Lucky to have inspirational teachers who never gave up on me.
All of us can develop a love of maths if we first accept that maths is difficult. 
I strongly believe that enjoyment is the key to developing technical competence in anything. 
I got good at maths when I learned to enjoy it and accept the challenge that it offered.
Went on to study A level maths, production engineering as an undergraduate; MA in Finance and Accounting; and a PhD in Finance.
I have worked as a remuneration adviser, a compensation and benefits manager, lecturer in accounting and maths teacher.

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Math Homework

Lessons and Specialties

One-on-One Lessons

Available to work with individuals motivated to develop mathematical understanding for life not just for exams.

Specialist maths support in school

Available to work with small groups of students who require specialist intervention.

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"He is truly inspirational making you enjoy each class"

"He's the best lecturer I've ever had! He's got a friendly manner and a positive attitude of teaching"

"I've never had a lecturer as devoted to his subject"

"Mark is by far the best teacher/lecturer I have had since starting school when I was 6.  I dreaded the module that he teaches, but it has becaome by far my favourite"

"Maths is genuinely a subject I get quite daunted by and you made it very enjoyable to study"

Undergraduate Students, Kingston Business School

Students Studying Outside
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Mark Farmer
PhD, MA, MSc, BEng


07830 872854

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